Background on laetrile’s demise

More Background on Laetrile’s Demise

Laetrile is used in some Mexican cancer clinics along with B-17 tablets. Sometimes the laetrile is injected, but the B-17 tablets also deliver laetrile. The discoverer of laetrile, Dr. Ernst Krebs, called laetrile B-17 because it structurally resembles the vitamin B chain, although not specifically any of the B vitamins known. He patented his procedure to extract laetrile but could never get approval to treat cancer.

There was a big scandal around the B-17 or laetrile in the place where non-pharmaceutical cancer cures are shot down with inadequate evidence or fraudulent reports, the Sloane-Kettering Memorial Cancer Institute (MSK) in New York City.

Laetrile was banned by the FDA in the early 1970s despite its effectiveness. One of the people who refused to accept the denial and cover-up was Dr. Ralph Moss, who was hired by MSK as a scientific writer and then promoted to the head of public affairs. He was the public relations man at MSK. But he finally refused to lie or spin falsehoods.

In his own words of Moss: Twenty years ago 1974, I was hired at the Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) in New York as a scientific writer, who was then promoted to assistant director of public affairs. Shortly after going to work there, I went to visit an elderly Japanese scientist, Kanematsu Sugiura, who surprised me when he told me he was working on Laetrile (B17), when it was the most controversial thing in cancer as a cure for the Cancer.

We were finding the effectiveness of laetrile and, however, in public affairs we were told to make statements exactly in the opposite direction to what we were finding scientifically, and over the years, I became more entangled in this and 3 years later. All this in my press conference, and he was fired the next day, ‘for not fulfilling his most basic responsibility at work’, that is, lying to the public about what happens in cancer research.

Dr. Sugiura never gave up the results of his studies proving that laetrile stopped cancer, despite being pressured hard to do so. When in MSK, a lot of very strange things started to happen, there was a cognitive distance between what I was told and what I wrote about the treatment, especially chemotherapy and what I saw with my own eyes.

Although there are other health hazards recorded in taking b17 as a cure for cancer. If you are a cancer patient its essential to do some research before coming to a conclusion.

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