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There is no evidence to support that vitamin B17 acts as a vitamin in your body or that you really need any form of it. Even though these dangerous claims still make their way into the Internet’s most popular “natural health blogs” and continue to fuel conspiracies. This has led to many providing personal testimonies of those who were cured of their cancer or cited studies that are not meant to human outcomes.

For example, the weight of all this evidence has not deterred the natural health evangelists mentioned earlier as Dr. Joseph Mercola. In 2014, he published at least 5 studies that, according to him, demonstrate the effectiveness of laetrile and even has a petition on his website for Sloan Kettering to recognize the positive results on laetrile of the 70s. None of these studies was based on trials in human or in data generated by the compounds for actual clinical use; were cell lines or studies based on laboratory animals. 

This does not always translate the same results in humans as demonstrated in the large-scale clinical trials, the retrospective reviews and the meta-reviews mentioned above. But one of the most prominent forces that keeps the myth of vitamin B17 alive is the book “The world without cancer.” The history of vitamin B17. ” This book was reviewed positively by Ernst Krebs Jr. himself and by an activist without any medical training.

Today, few sources of laetrile are available in the US. UU And they are still used in some Mexican clinics where they are marketed as amygdalin or “vitamin B17”. Preparations can not only come from questionable sources, but they can also be contaminated.

Unfortunately, this is not a hidden miracle remedy and, ultimately, it is an unproven treatment that could hurt you. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed or tries to sell you something. It is better to continue with treatments that are backed by tests to avoid harm, save money, time and energy in disapproval treatments.

It is tempting to try natural treatments and I can see the charm. If your main concern is to avoid synthetic or unnatural drugs instead of natural therapies, I recommend you read this previous post on the blog where I write extensively on the subject. Ultimately, the decision is yours and your comfort level, but it is good to have the evidence.

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