Nature’s Cancer Prevention Vitamin B17

Have you ever heard of vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile?

Vitamin B17 is a natural compound that contains cyanide that triggers its cyanide component as a pump in the presence of a particular enzyme called beta-glucosidase or glucuronidase. Interestingly, beta-glucosidase is found almost exclusively in cancer cells. Cancer cells cannot withstand the effects of the cyanide compound found in B17 and are destroyed naturally and effectively in the presence of B17.

Miraculously, the cyanide component of B-7 is not harmful in the presence of other cells, since other cells that contain glucosidase also contain an enzyme called whey, which can disable cyanide within B17 and turn it into completely harmless substances. Cancerous tissues do not have rusts to protect them and, therefore, disintegrate in the presence of vitamin B17.

Vitamin B17 is found naturally in many foods. Eating these foods can easily and deliciously decrease the development of cancer cell production. Consider cancer prevention of natural vitamin B17.

Ernst T. Krebs, Sr., MD, of San Francisco, discovered the healing qualities of vitamin B17 in 1923. His sons, Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., PhD., And Byron Krebs, MD, continued to investigate their father in 1952, refining Laetrile’s (B17) Nutritional qualities.

According to their research, the Krebs believed that the cancer was not caused by an external invasive force, but rather by a malfunctioning of normal mechanisms within the body itself (which is the traditional oriental medicine approach to all diseases). They identified many cancers as a “deficiency disease”. The dysfunctions of the body, according to his research, were the result of a deficiency of certain chemicals found in food, a deficiency of chemicals that they specifically identified as Vitamin B17 is also known as a nitriloside, which is the basis of Laetrile, amygdalin, and prunasin.

Together with the pancreatic enzyme trypsin, these can form a natural barrier against cancer growth. If foods containing any of the nitrilosides are regularly consumed, the body’s own immune mechanisms can naturally fight cancer-forming cells. But if foods containing these critical vitamins are not regularly consumed, the immune system will not be able to prevent the development of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

In the late 1970s, Dr. Harold W. Manner, PhD., President of the Department of Biology at Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, studied the general value of Laetrile (B17). His work was highly respected and considered among the first unbiased studies since the 1920s of Krebs.

When Dr. Manner used Laetrile in his medical research, along with vitamin A and digestive enzymes, he discovered that the production of antibodies was stimulated against spontaneous mammary tumors in his laboratory mice. He studied the results of complete regression in 76 percent of mice treated with breast cancer. Dr. Manner believed that Laetrile obtained its best results when used together with digestive enzymes, a traditional balanced diet, and vitamin A.

No physician has had more clinical experience with Laetrile than Ernesto Contreras, Sr., Sr. D. of Contreras Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, formerly the Oasis Of Hope Hospital. Dr. Contreras has used Laetrile clinically for more than forty years in thousands of patients diagnosed terminally, and has received impressive results.

One of Dr. Contreras’ patients was a man who suffered from severe colon cancer. By using Laetrile treatments along with detoxification protocols and proper vitamin supplements, Contreras was able to stop the cancer progression of his patient. The man lived more than fifteen years beyond his planned death.

How wonderful the foods that contain B17 are also delicious!

The following is a list of foods rich in vitamin B17:

– Watercress

– Spinach

– Bamboo shoots.

– Alfalfa sprouts

– Lentil Sprouts

– Whole nuts

– Mung bean sprouts

– Earth nuts

– Chickpeas

– Apple seeds

– Apricot seeds

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